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For the past two decades, our background in NHRA, NHRDA, APBA, SCCA, SKUSA, BITD, AMA and other associations has given us the experience to build one of the most incredible vehicles on the planet!  We saw a need for the disabled that wasn't being met amidst the sea of extreme machines available to the public.  What we intended to be just a wheelchair that was more capable and exciting than what was currently available, has turned into an amazing platform we call the PTV (Personal Tracked Vehicle).  The capabilities of this unit has surpassed anything we could imagine with its utility, power and just plain fun.  Our current model is called the 'CCR'.  It is built like a race car, rides like a cloud and climbs like a tank to dominate any terrain.  Disabled and abled bodies alike are finding out just how awesome this little monster can be when there are no tires to go flat, batteries to charge and electric motors to fail or overheat.  Above all else, we made the 'CCR' EASY;  easy to operate and easy to maintain.  Our joystick control makes it completely maneuverable with just one hand.  Mud, snow, sand and even concrete are no problem for the all-terrain rubber tracks that are fully suspended and articulating to keep them flat on the ground for a surprisingly smooth ride with no track chatter.  

The 'CCR' is not intended for indoor use.  It is a gas operated, incredibly powerful machine.  Do you have the need to get away and feel the freedom of the outdoors, with friends, family or just yourself? The 'CCR' brings simple, reliable and powerful freedom with unmatched style and design.

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